Dangers of Ponding Water and a Great Solution!

Dangers of Ponding Water and a Great Solution!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Brent Roper


  1. Top 3 Reasons to Use Silicone Coatings!
    15 Jun, 2018
    Top 3 Reasons to Use Silicone Coatings!
    Reflective silicone roof coatings act as a barrier between your roof and the elements. These coatings are great for so many reasons, so here are the top 3. 1. Reduced Cooling Bills Roof coatings are very reflective and in turn lower roof’s surface temperature which will decrease your building's interior temperature by an average of seven to 10 degrees. A reflective roof coating when applied to roofs help reflect more sunlight from the surface reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the
  2. 3 Types of Storm Damage Contractors
    15 May, 2018
    3 Types of Storm Damage Contractors
    When choosing a contractor for your storm damage needs in Colorado, it is imperative to understand who you are hiring or thinking about hiring when choosing a contractor for the job. Because Colorado is such a hail prone state, there are 3 main types of contractors that you will find. Read below to learn more.  1. The Professional The Professional Contractor has the consumer’s best interests at heart. They get the majority of their clients through referrals from past clients, although some can
  3. How to Read Your Insurance Scope - The Summary Page
    02 May, 2018
    How to Read Your Insurance Scope - The Summary Page
    What is a scope? The report that you receive from the insurance company is an estimate of what it will cost to put your property back to pre-storm condition, which is what the insurance company is required to do by law.  It is often referred to as your Scope of Work, Scope, or Estimate.    This first estimate/scope you receive is the insurance company’s offer to settle the claim.  They often pay out an ACV payment with that first scope.   Keeping in mind  This is their estimate. It is also
  4. Test square for hits per square hail damage on shingles
    24 Apr, 2018
    Hail Damage - What You Need to Know
    Areas that are prone to hail, like our Denver Metro area, are often populated with people who understand that hail can damage a roof.  Most residents in the area have been through multiple claims and are confident that they "know the routine".  But what does hail really do?  Does your roof really need to be replaced? The answer is often not as clear as you may think.   What is hail damage? First of all, hail comes in all sizes and shapes.  The velocity is also a factor in the amount hail can
  5. DENVER WIND STORM! What You Need To Know...
    18 Apr, 2018
    DENVER WIND STORM! What You Need To Know...
    WIND STORM! The Colorado Front Range experienced a severe windstorm this April 17th of 2018!  Areas such as Louisville, Broomfield, Thornton, Boulder, and Brighton saw the most significant damage.  Unlike hail damage, wind damage is easy to see. The extent of the damage is often not as clear as some may think though.   Knowing Your Roof One thing that homeowners should know is what type of shingle they have on their home.  Some shingles, such as T-Locks, are no longer made which means there
  6. Indoor Marijuana Farming and Your Roof
    18 Apr, 2018
    Indoor Marijuana Farming and Your Roof
    The Big Need to Know Like it or not, many Colorado buildings and homes are being used for growing Marijuana. The industry has been a huge boost to the states economy, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.  There are many side effects that come along with indoor farming.  One thing to remember is that every bit of water that goes into the plants leaves through transpiration (Transpiration is the process of water movement through a plant and its evaporation from aerial parts, such as leaves,
  7. What Are Impact Resistant Shingles?
    10 Apr, 2018
    What Are Impact Resistant Shingles?
    Why Impact Resistant? Living in Colorado comes with a price when it comes to your roof. It is common to see hail storms every year in the Denver and surrounding areas. Class 4 impact resistant roofing products have become very popular for Colorado roofing companies due to the hail weather patterns, homeowners and insurance companies have scrambled for better options that will increase the life of their roofs. Besides the architectural design and curb appeal, the major benefit of this product is
  8. Money
    03 Apr, 2018
    T-Lock Shingles: Your Secret Upper-hand
    T-lock shingles were once the best roofing technology available.  During the mid 1900's they were used to withstand severe weather such as hail, high winds and rain.  T-lock shingles are still around, and amazingly have held up over the years.  These shingles were made much heavier and thicker than many of todays products, and  as asphalt prices began to rise shingle companies starting introducing fillers into their recipe which downgraded the quality of the shingles, and eventually stopped
  9. residential designer shingles, GAF Camelot ll
    28 Mar, 2018
    8 Designer Shingles You Don't Have...Yet
    Your roof can be just a covering to keep your home away from the elements... or...your roof can act as a centerpiece for the exterior of your home! It's said to be that 40% of your home's "Curb Appeal" comes from the roof alone. Surprised?  Roofs are often overlooked consciously, but unconsciously the appearance of your roof MATTERS to you, others and the appearance of your home. The following photos are real homes with high end designer shingles and tiles that you too can get your hands on!