The Claims Process
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The Insurance Claims process is not often fully understood which can potentially cause confusion and or frustration when deciding to place a claim on your roof or not.   Questions such as, "Do I have damage that qualifies?" and "Will a claim cause my premium to increase?" are very common.  
By choosing to work with Ropa Roofing you can trust you will be guided in the right direction no matter where it points for your claim.

With two generations of experience in the claims process, we have the ability to make an educated decisions regarding your claim.   We have been trained to identify the difference between hail damage and common roofing blisters, Ropa also uses a high quality weather mapping service to identify which areas have been hit and how hard. 

The Denver Metro area saw several hail storms this year and last year.  The Denver metropolitan area, including cities such as Aurora, Lakewood, Arvada, Loveland, Centennial, Golden, and Stapleton, was hit hard. Most insurance policies allow their clients 1 year from the "date of loss" to file a claim.  Once the claim is filed, our job is to assist the adjuster with their findings. 

We are constantly finding new ways to work alongside the insurance adjusters to ensure the best service and quality for your claim.  During the job, we also photo anything that was not included in the adjuster's original quote (Common items are ice and water shield, multiple layers, re-decking when code requires it, and permits if required by the local municipality). These findings will be sent to our Supplementing team, which will in turn, produce a document for the insurance company to compel your insurance will pay for any item that is necessary for the completion of the restoration.

Once the job is completed, we send off the necessary paper work to have the insurance depreciation released to the property owner. If there is a mortgage on the property, the carrier will often include them on the payments. We will assist with the necessary paper work to have your mortgage company endorse and return the check to you promptly. 

Ropa Roofing is is always looking for ways to take the stress away from our busy customers and offer a helping hand.  The Insurance Claims process is what we know best, so rest easy and know that we are on your side!
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