DENVER WIND STORM! What You Need To Know…


The Colorado Front Range experienced a severe windstorm this April 17th of 2018!  Areas such as Louisville, Broomfield, Thornton, Boulder, and Brighton saw the most significant damage.  Unlike hail damage, wind damage is easy to see. The extent of the damage is often not as clear as some may think though.

Knowing Your Roof

One thing that homeowners should know is what type of shingle they have on their home.  Some shingles, such as T-Locks, are no longer made which means there is nothing to repair them with if damaged. In the case of the T-Lock shingle, the entire roof must be replaced.  With other roofs, such as 3-tab shingles and architectural shingles, these can often be repaired without replacing the entire roof.

What Looks Like an Easy Repair Can Lead to a New Roof – From Your Insurance Company

Homeowners will often see a couple of shingles missing and think it is an easy repair, and generally, that would be correct.  However, some shingles become brittle as they age.  In order to repair the missing shingle, the roofer must lift the shingle above it, and when the shingles above are too brittle the roof becomes impossible to repair because of breakage.  Insurance adjusters who are inspecting your roof should always do a “brittle test” to see if a roof is repairable or not.

Building Codes and Your Roof

Another thing to keep in mind, each city within Colorado has their own building code related to roofing.  Some municipalities require a permit for repairs larger than 100 square feet, which means that a small repair may require a permit; and a  permit may require that the entire roofing system is brought up to code.

Most insured clients have a code endorsement on their policy, which forces the insurance carrier to pay the proper amount to get the damaged system up to local code standards.  This means that in some situations one missing shingle on a brittle roof could actually lead to full roof replacement!

What is the Best Strategy?

So, how does a homeowner know what strategy to take when they find that their shingles have been damaged by high winds?  Call a pro!
A veteran roofer and claims specialist can offer advice on the process.  They should inform the homeowner of the damage, if it’s repairable or not, and a cost to do the repairs.  If the cost exceeds the homeowners deductible, then a claim may be the best strategy.

What Should a Good Roofer Have During This Time?

A good roofer should also have tarps close by, at all times.  When high winds hit, it’s important to cover the damaged areas to prevent further damage.  Insurance companies appreciate you protecting your investment, and suggest getting your property covered with a tarp ASAP.  Your Insurance company will add this tarping fee to the claim so that you may be reimbursed for the out of pocket fee.

Ropa Roofing handles wind damage, tarps, claims, hail damage, and more.  We offer full exterior restoration to the entire Colorado front range.  Should you have wind damage from this recent storm or any others, please give us a call or send us a message here! Our inspections are free and our pros are ready to help you with the best strategy for your repairs. 

Ropa Roofing is by your side every step of the way. Contact us today for your wind damage or emergency tarping needs!

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