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EPDM Flat Roof

epdm flat roof

Commercial property owners with flat roofs find EPDM as the best, cost-efficient material for their properties. Ropa Roofing itself recommends EPDM for both residential and commercial applications requiring a utilitarian approach to providing excellent UV protection, insulation, and an all-around long-term roofing solution.

If you haven’t decided yet, look into the advantages EPDM roofs offer for any property.

Is EPDM Right For Your Property?

If you find the following advantages perfect for your property, then EPDM roofs are definitely excellent for your property.

cost effective

A Cost-Effective Roofing Material

EPDM roofs only cost about 10% of TPO and other roofing materials because it is made of recycled rubber from off-road worthy tires, slate dust, and sawdust. However, it is compliant with ASTM D4637 requiring EPDM roofs to be penetration and leak-proof.

durable lifespan

Has a Long Lifespan and Extremely Durable

Manufacturers create EPDM roofs to have a long lifespan capable of resisting multiple hailstorms. With proper installation and maintenance, EPDM material can last more than 30 years.

home insulation

Excellent Insulation and UV Protection

Rubber roofs introduce airtight insulation and no-leak capabilities with proper installation. Colored EPDMs improve its UV protective capabilities allowing it to help the property repel external temperatures and save on utility bills.

Ropa Roofing Guarantees Only the Best EPDM Roofing Services

Ropa Roofing continues to provide excellent EPDM roofing repair, replacement, and installation for all residential and commercial properties across Colorado. We are confident in providing you the best services.

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